Is Training a Waste of Time?

“You only retain 4% of what you learn during training…”

Some people view this as a reason to completely avoid training. We see an opportunity to make a step improvement in how training is conducted.Most, if not all training providers, focus on the value of the course content. However, training consists of two equally important components: content* and delivery


What is Effective Training?

“It’s not just what you learn, it’s how you learn” Everyone individual is wired differently. We have different learning styles, and different motivations for learning. Content must be delivered in a way that people can retain.

Using our proprietary 3Elements Training Framework, we deliver a world-class experience so you get the most out of your participation.

What we stand for

We believe in two things: People Matter, and Leadership Can Be Taught. This drives everything that we do in Training.

The discipline of Adult Education incorporates over 80 years of research into how working adults learn. We have taken this a step further to develop an integrated framework to maximize your learning effectiveness, and to ensure that you get what you signed up for.

We hear you.

We’ve all been to lectures disguised as training. Struggled to stay awake after lunch. Secretly wished courses would start later and finish earlier.

Training should be fun – with good reason. The brain chemicals that come about when we are having fun activates our memory and maximizes knowledge retention.

We do this through a combination of games, activities and discussions, all designed to ensure you remember the key concepts that make you an effective leader.

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