3Elements Leadership Consulting focuses on growing Personal and Business leadership acuity. You know immediately where to aim and when you’ve hit the target

Traditional consulting offers many powerful frameworks that may not gel well together or work effectively for your business.

It is like learning archery from the best archers in the world. You are taught how to hold the bow, posture, and breathe to hit their target. However, when dealing with the real world, you deal with different moving targets unique to the situation.



Fire-fighting? Hamster wheel? Need to get to the next level?

When there is so much happening, and we don’t know how to get the results we need.

1000 and 1 things – how to know the right thing to do first?


Get going, fast

- 3Elements leadership consulting focuses on what you need, when you need it

- Deal with your immediate leadership issues

- Universal Frameworks help us chart a course through murky waters

3 common frameworks for Self, Team and Org Leadership

Based on established research, fused together using the 123 Framework

Modular and holistic – you can use part of the framework first, and know that you can build on it later on. Allows scaling, sustainable growth for yourself, your team and your organisation

We invite you to discover effective leadership with us

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